Miki's Vegan Holiday Cookies - 2005


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This used to be a HUGE page. Between 1996 and 2002, I built up and tore down dozens of versions of this page. Now, it's just just a quiet little place, mostly dedicated to vegan recipes and vegan restaurant listings. I enjoy making that information available, even though I'm not really interested in spending my spare time maintaining an enormous webpage. Besides, I have a bad hand now (due in part to my former big page, I'm sure!) and I just can't justify ruining my hand any more, whilst trying to make a page look all pretty. But if you want some great vegan recipes or you want to eat vegan in Los Angeles, well, you've come to the right page!

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Self-promotion! I've been having a book issue lately. I had WAY too many! First, I gave a ton away. But now, I need some extra cash, so I'm going to start selling them off for cheap. So, look at my store on half.com. They are mostly feminist non-fiction or contemporary fiction by women. I'm also selling off some children's books, books of activities for children for teachers and some art books. My husband has donated some books to my cause, and his are mostly film related books and some misc. novels. I'll keep adding more and I'll probably get some cd's and videos up there for sale as well soon. Thanks!