Here are my reactions to my first trip to Germany.... more photos coming after I finish the roll of film.....

Things I Like About Germany
Things I Don't Like About Germany
  • The lesbians seem cooler there
  • Peppermint Ritter Sport and chocolate hazelnut spread (both vegan!)
  • Shops that sell nothing but 8554 different varities of loose tea
  • The drinks are cheap
  • The electric signs that tell you if (and where) there is any parking available in the whole damn town
  • Happy yellow phone booths
  • Intermezzo - women's only hotel
  • No SUV's
  • MC MURDER was spray painted all over the Mc Donald's in Hamelin (home of the Pied Piper)
  • New and exciting kinds of fake meat (liverwurst, bratwurst, schneitzel, etc.)
  • Bars play a lot of 70's and 80's pop and disco hits

Miki and the Berlin Wall

Miki at the Berlin Wall

Bad German toilet with shelf

Julia entering Intermezzo

The sidewalks littered with remains of firecrackers on 1/1/02

  • The toilets - especially the ones that have the shelf in the bowl
  • Their "shoddy work ethic" - everything was closed on Sundays and holidays and even the day BEFORE holidays
  • Too much friggin' snow
  • They all have AMERICANDAR over there - people turned and stared at us everytime we walked into a club or bar. They somehow just knew we "weren't from around there."
  • The drunk people and adolescents throwing explosives out of windows and all over the sidewalks on New Year's Eve - There ought to be a law!
  • The digital clocks go up to 23:59.. at midnight, the clocks say 0:00
  • The clothes in the thrift shops were all from the US
  • Pork Stuffed Pork
  • You have to pay for water in restaurants... and sometimes they lie to you and say that they have "still" water, but really, it is carbonated
  • They only have little mattresses
  • Those wierd double S things that look like a giant letter B

Big thanks to Elizabeth Bridges, for the map, the Rough Guide to Berlin, and the random tips... we would have been screwed without them! Wish you were there when we were, so we could have hung out and dodged fireworks together. :-)