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Credit Card Orders - USE ONLY AS A LAST RESORT!

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Check Orders

Hey folks, here is a request of you. If there is any way you can send me Paypal or a check instead of a credit card order, can you please choose that instead? In short, I haven't been paid by my credit card company in several months, so every order placed with a credit card is currently an order that you will pay for, but that I will NOT be paid for and the Keeper money will come directly out of my own pocket. If you don't have a Paypal account and you really must use a credit card, go ahead.... it's very important for me to keep distributing Keepers and to make it convenient for you, so we can cross our fingers and hope that I get paid eventually for it! An extra incentive for you is that it'll cost you less if you order with PayPal, since it'll be an even $30 without the $6.50 the credit card folks add for shipping costs. Basically, you won't save any money ordering with a credit card... I'm actually inclined to encourage you to order from one of the other Keeper distributers if you REALLY need to use a credit card!

To use Paypal, just use as my address and please remember to tell me what size you need! Also, if you use PayPal, please send me a separate email as well, as I've had a small problem with PayPal notifying me when I get money. Thanks!

When will I get it?

All orders are shipped within 3 days of when I receive them, unless I am out of stock. If that is the case, I'll let you know via email, and your order will be delayed about one week. I get the credit card and Paypal orders every day, so expect to see your Keeper within one week of when you place the order. I check my PO box once a week, so if you send a check, expect your keeper 2 - 2 1/2 weeks from when you mail your check. If you want to send me a check and get your Keeper sooner, you can email me and I'll have you mail it to my home address instead.

Important message about the prices!

* If you send me a check or use PayPal, the Keeper will cost you $30, which includes shipping. If you use a credit card, the company will charge you $6.50 for shipping, so your total will be $36.50. The credit card folks have really upped the shipping charges that add, and frankly, it's ridiculous to have to pay $6.50 for shipping costs, when a Keeper only costs $.63 to ship! So, save money... use Paypal or a check!

And now, for the bad news.......

Something not so cool has come to my attention regarding the price at which I'm selling The Keeper. Here's the situation... I've always sold them for a flat $30, although the suggested retail price the manufacturer gives is $35, plus shipping. My reasons for doing this are A) most of the women that I'm selling to are high school and college students who are not known for having a lot of money, and I wanted to make the Keeper more accessible for them and B) I'm not distributing The Keeper to make big bucks. In fact, as long as I break even, I'm happy. I'm doing this because I believe in the product and want to help get it out there. Makes sense, right?

Well, here's the not cool part. Apparently, some people have visited this page and then went and bothered the other distributors of the Keeper, saying stuff like, "If SHE sells it for $30, why don't you?" That is a really unfair thing to do. Clearly, they CAN'T! For one thing, they have a greater overhead that I do. They also actually put money into advertising and promoting the Keeper, which I do not. Besides, THIS IS HOW THEY ARE MAKING THEIR LIVING! Like I said, I am NOT doing this for big money!

So, the bottom line is anyone who reads this page and them goes and bothers the other distributors, using me as a bargaining tool, will personally get 30 lashes with a Keeper. Don't do it... it's a shitty thing to do, as we're all just trying to get this product out there and we really don't need to have this as an issue. If it keeps happening, I'll be forced to up my price too, just to keep the harmony between us, which I don't want to have to do. I have already been reprimanded once by the president of the Keeper company for making the other distributors mad, and I don't need that to happen again. THANKS!

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