Vegan.... On The Road

First of all, I must apologize for the fact that this page is not destined to be pretty and filled with flashy images. I have a lot of info that I want to give, but my bum hand won't allow me to do much more than frantically type... in other words, I'm not going to push myself making cute graphics and doing a lot of fun design stuff. That being said, here I go!

I've been vegan for almost 5 years now, for for that same period, I've also had a job that has me driving all over the US for a couple of months at a time. As a result, I've become somewhat of an expert at Vegan Road Travel within the US. So, I decided to use this page as a means to share what I have learned with other vegan wanderers.

This Spring (2003), I will be travelling again. Last Fall, I kept a Road Diary online, and I really got into it. This time, however, I decided to take a twist on it and make it a Vegan Road Diary. I think it is also going to somehow be linked up with, which I think is pretty exciting. So, that is my big plan, which will be happening on here mostly between March and June, but I started it briefIy when I was in Berkeley in January, so there is already a little something there. also really need to update my Vegan Restaurant Page, which I sadly have not touched in a long time, and I have made many wonderul vegan discoveries during the past year and a half especially. I will be expanding upon it much over the next few months.

However, I'm going to get this all started with some of my handy hints on how to eat vegan whilst travelling in the US, and NOT have to survive on french fries and plain side salads.

Oh, and I took that photo in Hamelin, Germany... I was very happy to find that....

Miki's Tips For Being Vegan AND On the Road

  1. Do research! This is the single most important thing I have learned. Most people can jump into a car and drive off, knowing that when they get hungry, there will surely be a McDonald's within 2 miles of their location where they can feast upon filth that is under the guise of being a meal. Alas, this is not an option for us vegan types... we have to think carefully about our food situation or face starvation, especially if we are going to be anywhere in the middle of the country. In order to make sure this doesn't happen to me, this is what I do before every trip I take that will have me more than 50 miles from home.....
  2. Stock up when you can! I always have at least 2 bags of food in the car with me at all times, because you never know when you are going to face an emergency situation. And when you have your handy list of Health Food Stores with you, you can easily stock up at least once a day. I have driven across the country over 10 times now and I can tell you that it's actually pretty hard to drive more than 500 miles and NOT hit a city that has a Health Food Store in it. All of the larger cites will have co-ops, but the chains like Whole Foods and Wild Oats are pretty ubiquitious these days. I have found Health Food Stores in the seemingly most unlikely of places. Oh, but you might want to call places first... i've been personally pretty sad at the doors of several closed Health Food Stores. Anyway, here are the tried and true things that I stock up on whenever I get the chance:
  3. What to do in a Vegan Emergency - Here is what to do if you find yourself hungry, low on food and you have no idea where you are...

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